19 March 2013


 Dress: 2020Ave / Flats: Nordstrom / Necklace: thrifted / Ring: gift / Lipstick: MAC "Vegas Volt"

You know when you show a text conversation to someone and they ask which side of the screen you are, or if you're the white text bubbles or the blue/green bubbles?  Yeah, I've always thought that was kind of pointless.  Because aren't all text conversations the same in that way?  Your messages are on the right, and the person you're texting on the left.  And yet, whenever we're shown a text conversation, we always ask what side is who (I'm guilty of this too, even though I know perfectly well in retrospect).

Another thing I wonder about that is even more silly is the word "grey".  I spell grey with an "e", but it can also be spelled with an "a" and will still be spelled correctly.  WHY ARE THERE TWO SPELLINGS FOR THE SAME WORD?  It drives me absolutely crazy.  I mean, it's one thing for the a word to sound the same, but have different spellings according to its meaning, but the word "grey/gray" means the same thing either way you spell it.  How did that come about?  Did people just go around spelling it any way they liked and whoever knew the correct spelling was too lazy to correct it?  Or was everyone so ignorant that absolutely nobody knew what the correct one was?  It's also possible that one is the English spelling and America decided to spell it different during their whole revolutionary phase when they said screw the Brits (which, BTW, way to go America - spell a word differently, that's how you show 'em you're independent! *eye roll*).  So which is it - laziness, stupidity, or rebellion fit for a teenager?

That started to get quite loaded with contempt there, which wasn't the intent.  Anyone have little things like this that they wonder about, or that seems pointless?

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