07 January 2013

british accents

Before leaving London, I knew I would want something decorative to keep as a souvenir in my bedroom that would remind me of London and make me feel a little more "at home" in that sense.  Kind of the reverse of when you take things from home to school, I wanted something from school for at home, whether that be Seattle, Boston, or wherever else.  So when I did my Christmas shopping, I found this London frame of the union jack pattern and little snippets of iconic London landmarks and things for only a couple pounds.

I also really wanted a union jack decorative pillow, because I'd seen one on a chair at Regents, and immediately Googled for one similar.  Onto my Christmas wishlist it went, and my dad went right for it.  So now I have this beautiful and quite comfortable pillow at the head of my bed.

The last thing, a "Keep Calm and Carry On" wall hanging plaque, was a surprise Christmas gift from my sister, and is rested on the shutter handles of my smaller bedroom window.

All these little decorative accents remind me of London, and while they fuel my desire to go back, they also keep me placated in the meantime.  I'll definitely be taking them to Boston with me for some dorm decor!
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