15 January 2013

back in Boston and busy busy busy

I am a horrible blogger, I know.  Six days, and nothing!  With no warning!  Bad blogger, bad.  But alas, I do have an excuse.  This weekend, I arrived back in Boston and moved into my new living space, and this week, started school back up.  It's been insanely and wonderfully action-packed.  I feel like I've dived straight into the deep end of the pool - starting classes, rehearsals, and all that jazz.  I haven't even started work at Starbucks yet, so I can only imagine how full the days will be once I start that next week!

These are some pictures of my on campus apartment I share with two roommates - not quite done organizing my things, and there are still some things I need to go pick up, like hand towels, wall tack to hang my pictures, etc.  But at least I've settled in enough to have my life on track!  Now excuse me as I go work on more paperwork before rehearsal.
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