09 December 2012

walking in a winter wonderland

Last night I went to London's Winter Wonderland.  Located in Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland is basically a giant carnival/fair complete with rides, ice skating, an ice sculpture exhibit, Christmas markets and food stalls, a log cabin-style building turned club, games, performers, and lots and lots of lights!  It was incredible!  I didn't go on any rides this time, but I fully intend on going back and going on as many as I can stomach/afford - literally.  My friend and I did indulge in some hot chocolate with Bailey's, which was the perfect way to keep warm in the chilly winter air {wink wink}.

After wandering through WW and doing as much as we could for free, we decided to walk towards Buckingham Palace - first time either of us had been there at night (it was probably around 9:30 at this point), and that was made all the more magical by the white Christmas trees decorating the front of the palace gates.  Then we continued on to Trafalgar Square and over towards Piccadilly until we found a crowded pub we could duck into for another nightcap, before walking back home.

It was so much fun, and really great to be out experiencing Christmas in London!
Now I get to sit inside, as I have been all day, and continue to work on this blasted paper.

Excited to go back to Winter Wonderland after finals are done, though, and that's what's gettin' me through.  ;)
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