11 December 2012

once upon a dream

Hat: H&M / Scarf: Scotland / Trench: Gap (thrifted) / Jeans: Saks Off 5th / Socks: H&M / Boots: Steve Madden

Guys, it is a very rare occurrence that I dream while I sleep.  Or if you go by the assumption that everybody dreams every night and it's just a matter of remembering it or not, then I very rarely remember my dreams.  Seriously, I think I might have one or two a year.  And if you asked me to recount all the dreams I remember from all my twenty two and a half years of living, I could maybe recall three that, for one reason or another, have stuck with me.  But the other night, I had a dream for the first time in a while.

I was at the Grand Canyon with my family, and all the other tourist types, at that Skywalk attraction they have.  But instead of it being the transparent horsehoe shape, it was sets of switchback stairs, like a fire escape on the side of an apartment building, built into the wall of the canyon.  And when you went down a few flights, they stopped and you went inside the canyon wall into this massive open cavern, where you walked along a ledge-like pathway along the side.  Then you got to this cave type part where you had to crawl on your belly because hanging above you were those rock icicle-type things.  Once you got through that, you were back at where you started, with the rest of the tourists.  But the thing is, even though it was almost like an obstacle course, or really sketchy seeming (and completely terrifying), it was all a completely legit tourist attraction.  Oh, did I mention this all took place at night in the complete and utter darkness, with only some flashlights that barely helped because everything about the canyon is huge?

It was really creepy, and I remember just wanting to move through it as quickly as possible.  And that it almost helped that it was dark, because then you couldn't see how high up you were.  Anyway...

Feel free to interpret, because I have no idea.
(I have always wanted to do the Skywalk, though...)
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