14 December 2012

there's something about libraries

This morning I woke to the sound of pouring rain outside my window.  A born and raised Seattlite through and through, I love the rain, and I truly believe the steady drumming of pouring rain is the most beautiful sound.  So I was very happy to wake up feeling like I was home in Seattle, but knowing I was actually in London - best of both worlds!  Until now, when the rain is still going strong even though it was supposed to stop nearly two hours ago, and I have things I need to go out and get done.

Being one of my last whole days in London (sob), I wanted to spend today out and about, taking photos as I walked all over the city to Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, and some other places, trying to get a little last minute Christmas shopping done.  Unfortunately, this rain foiled that plan.  So I'm sitting here in our beautiful school library, waiting it out.  I needed a change of scenery from my bedroom, and something about libraries makes me perfectly content to just sit.

Now if only the rain would let up so I can go out.
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