04 December 2012

the baby that the whole world loves

In case you haven't been made aware of yesterday's royal breaking news (seriously, you must have been on vacation in Antarctica to not know, and even then you probably still would)....

Wills and Kate are expecting a wee royal baby!

I found out in the midst of my theatre class when low and behold, a magical red banner appeared across the top of the Yahoo! UK webpage with the "breaking news from Buckingham Palace".  I about screeched out loud, but miraculously was able to stop myself, and instead took to every form of media outlet I could muster - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the works.  I don't believe for a second that this news was surprising to anyone, as everyone already assumed it when Kate stopped accepting wine at public engagements.  But man, it was exciting!  And it was so cool to be in London for this announcement, and aware of it before the rest of the world could catch up!

Congratulations Will and Kate!
And to the little future king/queen, who's just a fetus but already has the whole world in love with it.
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