17 December 2012


This semester has been incredible - a huge chunk of and contributor to what has been the best year of my life.  I'm so incredibly blessed to have lived on this gorgeous campus in the middle of this incredible city.  I love everything about it here.  I'm leaving for the airport in just under two hours, and I can't even express the heartache that accompanies the concept of leaving London.

I've been able to experience such wonderful things here, both inside the city and out.  I've had the immense fortune to travel to Norway, Scotland, Paris, and Wales.  I've seen such incredible things, from the Eiffel Tower sparkling in lights to the huge expanse of the Welsh moorlands from horseback to the vibrant colors of autumn in Norway to the sun setting spectacularly behind Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

I've been blessed to have met and gotten to know some truly wonderful people, each of whom have affected my life to some degree or another, and who I can't fathom not being able to see again for whatever length of time.  The people here, both the people I've met and the general population of London, have made my time here something I will never forget and absolutely never take for granted.  The experiences will stay with me, as I hope the people will, too.

 You best believe I'll be back.
 Goodbye, London.
For now.
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