06 December 2012

last night I fangirled so hard

So yesterday was pretty average.  You know, woke up, went to class, etc... oh yeah, and I went to the LES MIS WORLD PREMIERE!!

My friend and I were right at the front of the barrier where the cars drove up to drop off everyone before they went on the red carpet, so we got primo view of everyone!  I do apologize though for the unacceptable blurriness of these photos as I was in a rush to take them, and because I literally had no elbow room for movement!  We saw - in order of the photos above - Samantha Barks, Amanda Seyfried (who looked stunning!),  Cameron Mackintosh, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter (and hubby Tim Burton!), Sacha Baron Cohen (and Isla Fisher), and a bazillion other people.  Hugh and Anne took the time to go around and sign things, take photos, say hi, etc.

Let me relay to you, word for word, the conversation I had with Anne Hathaway...

Anne: *walking along and reaches me, takes my hand, shakes it, and keeps holding it, looking me right in the eye* Thank you so so much for coming.
Me: *she keeps holding my hand and looking right at me as I reply in what I think was a high pitched squeaky voice* Of course... You're welcome!

Then she smiled at me, and moved on.

She was so incredibly kind!  Spoke in the most sincerest voice, made eye contact, had a good firm handshake, and was just a genuinely wonderful person!  She really took the time with each person!

Hugh was very kind as well, but a lot more hurried in getting around to people and moving on.  If you weren't prepared, he would move right past, so I tried to get my iPhone out to get a picture with him, but wasn't going to have it ready in time, so I settled for a handshake (hahaha, settled!  As if that handshake didn't make my life...).


And that's all I have to say about that.
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