01 November 2012

gettin' historical at hampton court

On Saturday, we ventured down to Hampton Court in the southwest of London.

Hampton Court has been home to monarchs such as the infamous Henry VIII and his six wives {you know... divorced, beheaded, dies, divorced, beheaded, survived} as well as William III and Queen Mary.  It was really cool because, kind of like Kensington, there are different tours you can do within the court.  The thing about Hampton Court that I preferred over Kensington was that included in your ticket price (all £11 of it} was an audio guide.  So we were able to listen in to what we wanted to when we toured the various places, such as the Kitchens, Henry VIII's apartments, William III's apartments, Queen Mary's apartments, the Georgian apartments, etc...  Also, they had cloaks you could put on for fun as you walked around, and there were interactive activities scheduled throughout the day with people dressed as the monarchs and people from the court that were fun to watch.  The gardens were absolutely huge, and I heard they have a maze somewhere in the back, though unfortunately, we didn't get to it as we had spent literally all day touring the palace and the weather was turning sour.

Don't let the pictures fool you - it looks nice, and it was for most of the day, but it was also absolutely freezing!  I wore my chambray button down, a thick cable knit sweater, leather jacket, and a chucky scarf and still found myself wishing I'd double layered my pants and socks as well.  Oh, and I didn't bring gloves, which was stupid.  Fall has rapidly started to feel a lot more like winter here these past few days, unfortunately.  I wish we could hold on to the temperate weather a little while longer.

Last little side note...  After visiting Hampton Court, I started watching The Tudors.  I've always been interested in Henry VIII and his wives, particularly Anne Boleyn, and really felt in the mood to start watching.  So I did.  And wow, I'm addicted.  
Anyone else watch The Tudors?

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