24 October 2012

Norway style {last post about Norway, I promise!}

Coat: H&M / Jeans: Saks Outlet / Socks: H&M / Boots: Steve Madden

That is, the last post until I go back again!

... Anyways...

Last time I went to Norway, it was mid December and the temperature was consistently about 12 degrees Fahrenheit.  No joke.  So, I was prepared for the bitter cold and some snow since late October and mid-December really aren't that far off when you are so far north.  Fortunately, I didn't really need all the layers I brought, and believe me when I say I was prepared.  On this day, when we were walking around Oslo, I was just wearing a plaid button up under my peacoat.  However, I did take advantage of the thermal leggings I brought {Helly Hansen leggings for under your pants are the best purchase you'll ever make.  They fit under even super-skinny jeans no problem.}.

In other news, I'm back in London and all settled in for a while.  No more trips until next month when we go pony trekking through Wales.
Yeah, you read that right.

Pony trekking.
In Wales.

More on that later...
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