29 October 2012

a busy day in kensington

Let me preface this by saying that this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were some of the most jam-packed and photo-op-tastic days I've had.  As you will see from the next few posts.

Starting with Thursday... the agenda - tour of Royal Albert Hall in the morning, a brief walk through Kensington Park, a tour of Kensington Palace, and a visit to some of the Princess Diana memorials in the park.  These photos above are all from Kensington Palace {with the exception of the first three}.  The tickets are great because you don't pay very much, but get to have as much time as you like to wander through the exhibits inside the Palace, and explore the gardens outside.  We took advantage of the whole thing - the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert exhibit, the Queens exhibit, the Kings exhibit, and the Princess Di exhibit.  They were all fabulous, though I especially loved learning more about Queen Victoria, and seeing all of the Diana mementos like some of the dresses she wore and the mantelpiece above with all those photos.

If you're in London, make sure to visit Kensington.  Well worth it.

Later that night, I went with a friend to see a band called To Kill A King at a local bar.  I hadn't heard of them, so it was a new thing for me {also because the only concerts I've ever been to were really large stadium shows like Lady Gaga, Green Day, etc...}.  It was really fun!  And the band was great!  The guitarist was especially hilarious, as he only had socked feet and no shoes the whole time.  Anyway, it was a great end to a great day.
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