05 August 2012


Top: borrowed from my sister / Shorts: Nordstrom BP

Candididity {is that as awkward to read or say as it is to spell?  Spelling it took a while, let me tell you.} - the candidness of a photo.  Point being that the more candid a photo. the higher the candididity factor, and often the better the photo.  Made up words are my specialty.

So tomorrow the sis and I are piling into the car andstarting the two day road trip to San Francisco!  You can expect that I will be Instagram-ing away, and I will definitely be updating the blog at least a couple times, provided I can get decent internet.

This outfit was with pattern mixing in mind, as it's my entry for the Trend of the Month challenge.  I love doing these challenges because it makes me look at my wardrobe in a different way.  For example, last month when the colored blazer challenge was posted, I realized I didn't actually own a colored blazer {!}.  Surprising, since I love them!  This time around, I actually took {literally} some inspiration from my sister's closet in the form of this polka dot top.  I might have to steal it more often...
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