13 July 2012

sunny with a side of crazy

So today my friend and I went shopping in downtown Seattle and to a happy hour at a dee-licious sushi place.  The sun was out, the temperature was high, and shopping was successful with some crazy mixed in for good measure.

We're in Nordstrom Rack, talking about something random like vitamins {super interesting right?} and this lady who's dressed like Michael Jackson without the glove in a white shirt, black suit jacket and pants, and black fedora comes up and just joins in like "yeah and they say that it's the verbal abuse that leads to physical abuse, and he told me I should just..." on and on about verbal abuse.  I tell you, I didn't even realize what she was talking about at first - I thought she was talking about vitamins like we were, and realized after a moment that she said verbal abuse.  It was madness.  Madness, I tell you.  And to top it off, after we were like oh yeah and wormed our way out of that situation, we looked at each other like "did that just happen?" and looked back and she was gone.  I kid you not, in the 10 seconds tops that it took us to exchange looks, she had disappeared.  Nowhere to be found.

We seriously thought we had both just shared the same delusion.
An apparition or something.

It was weird.

P.S.  How cool are these blue trees??  There's a whole bunch downtown at Westlake Plaza.
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