14 July 2012

friday at the street fair

The West Seattle Street Fair is going on this weekend, where local artists and shop owners can come display and sell their works and products.  There's live music, food off the grill and from restaurants/bars lining the street, big blow up carnival bouncy things and slides for kids, face painting, spray on tattoos, etc...  Not to mention lots of really cool stuff you can buy {like that clock there - how awesome is that?!}.  I also am a huge fan of the jewelry.  So many beautiful handcrafted, one of a kind pieces for pretty decent prices.  It's like Etsy came to life in front of me!

Since I work most of the weekend, my friend and I went yesterday, wandering around, soaking up the sun, and getting ice cream {if you're in West Seattle, go to Husky Deli and get ice cream - they make it themselves every day and have more unique flavors than ice cream chains, and just as many/more options}.  I got the nutella ice cream, which is as bomb as it sounds, believe me.
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