16 June 2012

one of those times when misery causes hilarity

I should start with this fact about myself: I have horrible allergies.  Pollen, grass, dust... awful.

Well, today I went with some friends to Discovery Park, where we walked along the paths past some big old, abandoned buildings and through the tall grass to the coastline.  We played follow the leader, attempted to climb big gnarly trees, sat along the coastline, and found a prescription pill bottle containing some medical marijuana for a dog{!} behind a bench we sat on.  {No worries, we didn't take it!}
Notice I said we walked through the field of tall grass?

Well, apparently some of my friends have them, too.  And even worse.

While I got away with a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose, two of my friends' eyes were itching and watering so badly, they were both left temporarily blind as they kept their eyes closed for the walk back.  My one friend literally had to form a chain and lead them back along the path to the car.

Talk about the blind leading the blind!

The last gem of a photo is for your enjoyment.  It was quite hilarious.
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