09 June 2012

first awkward and awesome in a while

Dress: F21 / Sweater: Delias / Belt: Target / Bag: Steve Madden / Shoes: Franco Sarto

  • Most of the time when I get very, very angered/annoyed/frustrated, I feel very violent.  Like wiping out the source of my anger/annoyance/frustration will fix it.  So, I'm pretty sure that if I was ever to purposely physically hurt someone or commit a murder or something {theoretically of course}, it would be a result of extreme anger/annoyance/frustration.  Does it make sense why this is awkward?
  • The fact that it's always older men and creepers who compliment me at work.  I mean, a compliment is a compliment - always nice to hear.  But I'm starting to see a pattern in the complimenters that I can't really work with.
  • Working on my room when a random guy starts working on the window while I go around organizing and putting stuff away.  Apparently my mom forgot to mention there was a drywall guy coming to work on some stuff and one of them happened to be lining the outside of my window.  It was quite surprising and enormously awkward.
  • My store's District Manager finding a penny on the floor by my feet, picking it up and {still hunched over} placing it in my apron pocket and looking up at me while saying "find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" in a voice one might use if they were saying it to a very small child.
  • I finally got to see my friend Vita the other night!  After nearly a month of back and forth, trying to find a time where our schedules didn't conflict, we came to the conclusion that the universe was against us.  Well, we defied that universe, we did!
  • Game of Thrones.  'Nuff said.
  • True Blood is back on Sunday!!  Sooo excited, especially after seeing all these TV commercial previews for it.  I cannot wait!
  • My shoes turned out really well and I'm so happy with them!!  I highly recommend this tutorial.  Next, I plan on painting the soles of my black heels to a fun color.  Maybe a blue?
  • My bedroom is almost completely reorganized and clean, after a couple weeks of painting, rearranging furniture, unpacking from Boston, reorganizing things, and doing a couple DIY projects which I plan on posting eventually.  Before and after pictures are to come, because I'm so proud of it!
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