08 June 2012

diy: neon accented shoes

As you might have been able to tell, I am obsessed with neon and bright colors for spring and summer.  One thing I've wanted for a while has been a pair of shoes with some neon.  However, my search has yielded few results that I really loved, and most were way out of my price range.

I was inspired by this post by Maegan to just make my own pair!  I followed her directions pretty much step by step, but I've decided to share my own version below...

The supplies I used:

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish {whatever colors you choose and white}
  • Sally Hansen Hardener {or some kind of top coat}
  • Non-Acetone nail polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton rounds {though after doing this project, I think I would have used something that didn't leave fuzzy bits behind if it snagged}
  • Painter's tape {or drafting tape}
  • Small paint brush
  • Some sort of drying rack

This is the shoe I used.  Start by rubbing some alcohol over the areas you want to paint.
Then, tape the edges which you don't want painted.
Then, use the paint brush to paint white any areas you plan on painting, acting like a base coat or primer.  You can also use the nail polish brush, but I preferred the paint brush for the larger sole area.
{Note: I ended up using the polish remover and paint brush to take off the white paint from the sides
Paint your lighter color where you want it.
Let it dry, then carefully paint the darker color on.

I sealed it all with a top coat.  Overall, it took me about two days to do this because of the time it took to let the nail polish dry.  I spaced it out so I started Monday evening, and they were done by Thursday night.

Here's a photo of the finished project, and a sneak preview into tomorrow's post:

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