23 April 2012

week in color

  1. Missoni for the home {source unknown, but it's on my Pinterest} - anyone else want this as much as I do?
  2. The flower bed in Boston Common - spring is here!
  3. Bowl of nail polishes {source} - I want every single one of these colors! And off topic, aren't her outfits amazing too?
  4. Row of lockers outside a used bookstore.
  5. Homes in Cape Town, South Africa {source} - I love that people aren't afraid to paint their homes such a bright color!  Also, the rest of the source article is great - the child in me thinks that Festival of Colors sounds so fun!
  6. An electric box on the sidewalk here in Boston - love that something so functional can be turned into something so beautiful.
  7. Vintage suitcases {source} - I would totally get these!
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