03 April 2012

the moment you've all been waiting for! {or at least I have}

Above are photos with J. Mark McVey {Valjean}, Andrew Varela {Javert}, Jeremy Hays {Enjolras}, and Joseph Spieldenner {Grantaire} on the Les Miserables US Tour, respectively.  

To follow up on the awkward and awesomes from last week, here are the Les Mis-related awesomes I saved for this moment...

  1. I saw Les Mis five times.
  2. Each time, I sat in a different area, and got to see the show from almost every perspective.
  3. I got Mark, Andrew, and Jeremy {Jeremy Hays!!} to sign my copy of the book, and got pictures with them all.
  4. I ran into Jeremy Hays in the elevator once, and once in the lobby.
  5. Speaking of that, all the cast was staying at the hotel I live in.
  6. Even though I wasn't able to get Joe Spieldenner to sign my book, I will this June because...
  7. Les Mis is coming back to Seattle!  Just in time for my 22nd birthday, on which we've already bought tickets to go see it!  And even though Mark and Jeremy have left the tour now that their time in Boston is over, Joe and Andrew will still be performing, plus some new people who I can't wait to see!
Yet another reason to be excited for summer.
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