01 April 2012

it's okay to boo me

I know, I'm a bad person for not keeping my word.

It's technically Sunday, so I'm a day late, and the photos I have that are indeed awkward but mostly awesome go with the Awkward and Awesomes from this week aren't ready yet.  Some issues with transferring from my roommates camera to the internets.  But no worries.  They'll be here.

In the mean time, I have a compromise.

Some awkward and awesomes now, and some then.  The ones coming with the photos will all be related to each other and the pics.  You'll see....

  • Shaking someone's hand and they have a "dead fish" handshake.  I was always told growing up that it was important to have a firm handshake.  Now I know why.
  • Project X - that movie was insane.
  • Meeting Fran Kranz.  He's adorable.
  • Situations with a high probability of being awkward turning out to not be awkward at all.  Sigh of relief.
  • The realization that one can compare being a stage manager to being a Sith lord.  This is Star Wars level awesome, which means it's ten times more awesome than regular awesomeness.
  • Going with my friend to the BU Fashion Show.  Pics are below - enjoy!!
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