09 April 2012

week in color

One of my favorite new blogs, The Color Issue, has inspired me to notice the pops of color all around, especially those we take for granted so often, or don't notice at all.  This is an idea for a new weekly post in which I take a photo of something colorful which catches my eye for each day of the week.

  1. bright yellow painted steps outside a friend's future apartment building
  2. spring's white flowers on the trees in Boston Common
  3. MAC's "Watch Me Simmer" coral lipstick
  4. what I assume is either a storage or trash bin outside the T-station {if it's a trash bin, it's one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen!}
  5. bright green spring lawns in the Commons
  6. purple flowers blooming on the bushes
  7. copper architecture on Boston apartment buildings
I might include some things found around the interwebs here and there, because lord knows there are some really interesting things out there that might fit in with this post.  We'll see how this goes!
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