08 April 2012

bunnies and peeps and eggs, oh my!

Cardigan: Nordstrom / Top: H&M / Jeans: Madewell / Belt: H&M / Shoes: Nordstrom

a sunny morning

a dee-licious brunch consisting of buttermilk pancakes, bacon, a mimosa, and... coffee!!

end of Lent {aka finally able to drink coffee again!!}

productive laundry-doing and gym time

lazing in bed enjoying the remains of the weekend and eating some lovely Easter chocolate

Those are the things that made up my Easter Sunday.  While I normally would be with family having lunch and participating in easter egg hunts, this year was my first in Boston away from the norm, and it turned out to be quite a lovely day!  Of course I miss my family {and my mom's/sister's Swedish coffeebread}, but I had a great time at brunch, and was able to get quite a bit done.  Believe you me, my clothes are thankful to not be as... fragrant.

Speaking of clothes, I just want to take this moment to point out my new neon jeans!
I'm in love with them.

Happy Easter {aka Peep Day} everyone!

P.S.  If you checked out The Color Issue, which I mentioned in my last post, and liked it {or even if you didn't}, come back tomorrow for a new weekly post idea I have, inspired by Aarean's beautiful blog.
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