15 April 2012

eight favorites

Being somewhat new to the blogosphere, I've drawn a lot of inspiration from several blogs of varying kinds.  Ranging from personal style, to lifestyle, to food, to home decor, these blogs have all influenced my blog in some way, whether it was a post idea, an outfit, or just something that made me laugh.  I want to share some of my personal favorites with you all, and maybe you'll find them just as inspiratonal/relatable/funny.

1.  The Daybook
The Daybook is the blog that really inspired me to start my own blog.  When I first started following it {quite religiously I might add}, Sydney was a student like I am.  Both the relativity there, combined with her style and sense of humor really appealed to me, and it was her original Awkward and Awesomes that sparked the rest of bloggers everywhere to begin their own A&A posts {see the button on the left, there?}.  I highly recommend you check out her blog.

College Fashion is the blog I've been following the longest.  Ever since the end of my senior year of high school, actually.  It's been so incredibly informative for me as a college student, not only style-wise, but also for what to expect from and in college.  Study tips, dorm decoration, etc... College Fashion was a lifesaver before I knew what I was doing.  As if I know now half of the time.  I don't.

Not going to lie - I was shocked when I got into this blogging community to not only find so many bloggers belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints {Mormon church}.  Even more than that, I was kind of surprised to see a pattern unfold in which most of my favorite blogs were connected to the LDS Church.  Clothed Much is a personal style blog, run by Elaine, which focuses on combining personal style with the personal belief in modest dress.  And let me tell you, Elaine's outfits are so fabulous, you won't even miss those above the knee skirts or sleeveless tops.

The Color Issue blog is one I've mentioned before, and has inspired a new weekly post idea of mine.  Aarean's blog focuses on the beauty of color in every aspect of life - from everyday goings on to the hidden corners of the internets.  She finds some cool beautiful stuff, and reading her blog literally feels like taking crayons to the blank white wall of life.  And it's awesome!

Original creator of the 30 for 30 Challenge {which I'm going to try this summer and/or fall}, Kendi's blog is a life and style blog which is the ultimate showcase of creativity in style.  Besides the 30 for 30, Kendi is a master at coming up with new combinations for old items, and for trying out some fashion risks.  She is the Remix Master.  Not to mention, she's a normal woman in a normal town, which makes her totally relatable.

This is a recent discovery of mine, but I'm obsessed.  Especially since I'll be living in London come fall, The Londoner is basically a roadmap of things to see and do, places to go, and a lookbook all in one.  I still have a lot more of this blog to check out, but I'm very excited about it, which is why I feel it earns a link of this list.

Wendy's personal style is so timeless and classy, I fell in love with her blog.  And she's a master at accessorizing.  Her personal backstory is so touching, and I love the thought she puts into her blog and her clothes.  She also has a great Youtube channel with some great tutorial-esque videos.  

The thing that really drew me to this blog is the name.  It says it all - someone who's lived on both the east and west coasts and can provide a lookbook and experience for both.  Ironically, I was thinking long the same lines as far as blog names and concepts when starting a blog, as I've moved to Boston from Seattle.  Besides that, her style is impeccable - another really classic look with a California twist.

These are just some of the blogs I follow - mainly the ones I check my feed for every day.

There are so many incredible blogs out there - little pieces of the internet that people have made into their own creative little niche, and have been kind enough to share with everyone else.

Best thing I can say is to go explore.
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