13 April 2012

awkward and awesome friday

  • Going for a handshake when they go for a hug.
  • Sunny mornings turning into a rainy mess on a dime.  Darn you, Boston weather!  I did not dress for this!
  • For the record, wet feet are the worst part of not being dressed for the rain.  I've never appreciated my rain boots more.
  • Walking through the stairwell door and nearly colliding with some guy headed down to the gym.
  • Walking at equal pace with the guy heading to the gym when I too was heading to the gym.  So what did I do?  Acted like I was going the opposite direction, and when he was out of sight, waiting a few moments to avoid the awkward walking right next to him down the narrow hallway like a stalker.
  • Two weeks left before finals, then home for the summer!
  • It was planned a while ago, but I don't think I've mentioned that Fourth of July this year is gonna be up at the boat with extended family.  I don't think I've ever been more excited for Fourth of July before, and now I'm wondering why that is.  I mean there's fireworks, family, sparklers, awesome food, warm weather... what's not to absolutely love?
  • My work shift for Wednesday was scheduled to start 45 minutes later than normal, which meant I got an extra 45 minutes of sleep, and it makes all the difference!
  • In my final scene for my acting class, I'm playing a cat, which means my "character research" will consist of watching cat videos on youtube.  I think that classifies as one of the most awesome things ever.
  • Warm, sunny weather forecasted for the weekend and into next week!  Let's just hope it doesn't decide to be bi-polar and start raining instead.
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