03 March 2012

the awkward and awesome that wasn't

Sorry guys, but I've got nothin'.  This week wasn't much of anything, besides another week.  And hey, they happen.  Honestly, I don't have much to say today, but I feel kind of bad if I let a couple days in a row go by without posting something.  I'm a creature of habit and if I let the intervals between posts grow longer, I feel like it's the road to letting go of the resolution that is this blog.  I really want to keep things consistent.

So, I'm gonna post about something I'm truly excited for.  And I mean excited.  The wanting to jump up and down, talk about it all the time as if that will make it happen right now, build-a-time-machine-to-get-there-faster kind of excited.

Summer in Seattle.

Here's just a glimpse of why...

Not to mention going crabbing during the day, then eating them fresh with some melted butter and Old Bay seasoning that night.

And sitting on the boat in the sun reading a book, the Colors ceremony at Roche Harbor, watching the Fourth of July fireworks from the roof of the house, being able to walk outside without any jackets, and more!
I can't wait.
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