04 March 2012

the most unproductive day ever... almost

I did nothing today.  Squat.  The most productive part of my day was putting on jeans.  Hey, at least I did that.  Right?  Oh, and I got a small load of laundry done because I had to do something.  In order to not be a complete {un}hot mess.

So, I'm determined to make tomorrow productive!

The plan is thusly {is that a word?}:
1.  shower - Nope, I didn't even do that today.  Un-hot mess, people.  Un.
2.  Go to the elections for next year's Techies' Union E-board.  Have to do this, which is a good thing because it means I absolutely have to actually put on real person clothes and go outside.  Which I'd do anyway... probably.
3.  Walk around Boston with my camera and just take pictures of anything and everything.  I might have a friend or two coming with, which would be awesome, but even if not, this is happening.  I mean, I'll already be dressed and outside, so why not?
4.  Homework.  Most of today spent inside and I couldn't even do some of this?  No.  Then again, it's a Saturday.  That right there is a valid excuse... right?
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