07 April 2014


You see that beautiful hunk of sexiness right there?  That, my friends, is the best burger I have ever had the absolute privilege of tasting.

That is the Bareburger Roadhouse burger with a perfectly done bison meat patty.  Layers of avocado, red pepper, apple sauteed onions, smoked bacon, paprika mayo, and pepperjack cheese on a bison patty, all nestled between two perfectly toasted pieces of brioche bun.  My mouth is watering just remembering this masterpiece.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, I am of the belief that day three in NYC needs splitting into two posts, namely because I think a burger this amazing deserves a post of its own.

So, on day three, one of the things we did was meet up with a friend of my sister's and go to lunch at Bareburger, which is a place I'd heard of and wanted desperately to try, not least of all because of their meat selection for the patties.  This place not only offers beef and turkey, but also wild boar, bison, elk, and ostrich.  But another perk to Bareburger is that their ingredients are all-natural and organic.  They also offer veg selections for the veggie types.

We all ordered our various burgers, and a selection of fries and onion rings with four different dipping sauces to share.

I just want to show the burger again.  Because look at it.

And now, possibly my favorite photo progressions ever...

I'll just leave with the information that this particular burger wasn't long for this life.

The rest of day three will be up tomorrow!
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