06 March 2014


Heyo, say hi to my sister in the first photo, because this post comes all the way from back in June of last year, when my sister came to visit me in London!  Yeah, I know, I suck at keeping up with stuff.  That is not new information, and to be honest, it likely won't change anytime soon.  It's who I am, so love it or leave it.  :p  Now, this is going to be a short and sweet post, though I assure you that Borough Market is anything but short and sweet.  Okay, it's sweet among other things, but my point is that you could spend all day there, and this post doesn't feel like it does that justice, but that's what I get for posting this about nine months late, sooooo...

Borough Market is amazing.  One of my favorite places in London.  And, lucky me, I worked right down the street from it whilst I was at The Globe!  I say lucky, and I mean it, except for the constant temptation to overindulge in both monetary and food-y ways.  But you know, you pick your battles.  And food always wins.  I could have sworn I had more pics from there, but these are some good highlights.  Just imagine endless food stalls selling everything from fruit and veg, to bread, to cheese, to meat, to juice, to cooked goodies, to desserts, to... well, yeah, really everything.  For example, I had a great pulled pork sarnie one day and fresh fruit and cookies the next.  Also, check out Halloumi Man.  It's a sandwich shop round the back that has amazing sandwiches, and their specialty is, you guessed it, halloumi (grilled cheese - literally just straight up cheese, grilled).

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