MY NEW FAVORITE HOBBY/the main reason I'll be poor from here on out

So I posted that last post about Greenwich Market in London on the day I left for Florida for five days.  I still have a couple London-y things I want to catch up on but I want to say a bit about this Florida trip first, because it was AWESOME.

I'll recap the majority of the trip in the next post, because I want to talk about one specific part - skydiving!

Basically, while we spent a couple days in Orlando doing Disney and Universal Studios, my mom met two guys and when they got to chatting, she found out they worked at iFly Orlando.  So, she signed us up and she, my sister, and myself went on an impromptu indoor skydiving adventure.  You guys.... it was so. much. fun.  Seriously, it's my new favorite thing.  In fact, we went back again the next day for another round!  The photo above was taken on our first day, and looking at it, I can see a couple things that technically should be adjusted, but honestly, it's helpful to have the photos and DVD to watch for seeing just what I can improve on as well as for the hilarity factor (because trust me, there are some top quality funny moments).  It was the second day that I really felt like I was starting to get the hang of it, but I definitely want to keep going and practicing here in Seattle, since there's an iFly only about 20 minutes away.  Already planning on going with some friends next weekend!  I cannot recommend it enough.  Also, someday I want to do a real skydive and I'm hoping that this will help me be a bit more prepared.  I mean, as much as anything can prepare you for jumping out of a plane.  That'll be a fun, but definitely interesting, day!


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