26 December 2013

HAVE YOURSELVES A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS (or rather, I hope you already did)

Another Christmas come and gone, and I've got to say, it was a rather good one.  Whereas last year was ultimately wonderful, but also highly turbulent, this year was mellow, smooth, a bit on the lazy side, but still great.  We started Christmas Eve with a family dinner of my sister, dad, grandma, and myself, then followed that up with the late night carol-singing service at my dad and grandma's church.  Thoroughly exhausted, we came home and some of us (me) went right off to bed, whilst my dad and sister stayed up late to do some last minute wrapping of presents.

When we awoke on Christmas morning, we took a bit of time rolling out of bed and getting "dressed" (read: changed from pajamas to sweatpants), before starting on breakfast.  My sister, who is the master chef of the family, had spent a couple nights previous preparing our family's top secret recipe Swedish coffeebread, in which which we indulged on Christmas morning along with eggs, bacon, and various fruits.  Lots of coffee topped the feast, and we Skyped with our cousins before moving on to opening pressies.  Good haul this year all around, though I felt very inadequate with my gifts to people - living abroad for five months with no income, and being subsequently poor will do that I suppose.  But it's the thought that counts, and I did manage to get something for everyone!  The four of us spent all day at our place, watching Christmas movies, chatting, and my sister and I Skyped for a bit with my mom and grandparents who were all down in Florida.  We ended the day with a superb dinner cooked once again by my sister (don't be fooled into thinking I'm a great cook if I say I helped - I am merely the sous-chef to the master).  I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas, and just a wonderful December 25 if you don't celebrate.  :)  And today, Happy Boxing Day!!  (I really think America ought to properly adopt Boxing Day as a National Holiday.  It's one of the other things the Brits have really got right.)
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