09 June 2013


**WARNING:  The following post is about a bunch of nude people riding bicycles.  The pictures will reflect as much.  While I have tried to only post photos that do not blantantly show boobs or male/female naughty bits, there is some bum exposure, and if you do see anything else, well, then I'm sorry I missed it and that you had to see it (even though I've warned you).  Unless you're looking for pictures of such things.  Pervert.

On Saturday, London held it's annual World Naked Bike Ride, which is to raise awareness of bikers on the roads.  Pretty effective I'd say.  How can you not be aware of a nude person on a bike?

It was something I had read about in Time Out London, and actually wanted to participate.  The slogan was "Bare as you dare" so it left it up to you how much you were comfortable showing (many seemed most comfortable, I'll tell you that).  And how many other times could I say I rode naked on a bike through London?  So I went with the idea that I might rent a Boris Bike, strip down to one degree or another, and join the 1000+ other nudists for a 9 mile leisurely ride through the city.  Well, the website I had check said 3pm for the assembly, when apparently it was actually 2pm.  So they had all started off already when I got there.  But I was able to make it to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner to watch the finish of the ride and see them all come through in all their naked glory.

It was actually quite marvelous and very fun!  People really got into it, wearing nothing but crazy accessories like sandwich boards, bright wigs, bells, whistles, ivy wreaths on their heads, etc.  I'm quite sorry I couldn't participate!  But there's always another year, and apparently these happen in cities all over the world, so there's always that if this sounds like your kind of Saturday bike ride.  ;)
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