04 January 2013

sneaky hobbitses

 Top: Topshop for Nordstrom / Jeans: Delias / Boots: Macy's / Scarf: Camden market / Belt: thrifted / Ring: H&M

Hey guys!  Guess what!  I'm finally seeing The Hobbit tonight!

I'm a major Tolkien nerd.  I don't pretend to say that I go so far as some people, but I have read every one of his books (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion) at least once, and seen every LotR movie countless times.  They are my go-to sick day movies.  I own a collection of the maps of Middle Earth, nice copies of the books, extended-edition DVDs of the films, etc.  I even taught myself how to write in Tengwar (the name for the written Elvish language).  So, you see?  Nerd.

All of that, and I still haven't seen the frickin' Hobbit!

It will be remedied tonight, I can tell you that.
I'll probably be here raving about it tomorrow.
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