09 November 2012

that time I saw Alan Rickman for the third time in one year, and Colin Firth happened to be there, too.

I know I've said "If there's one thing I love about London...." about a million times before, which really means there are a million reasons why I love it here.  But I'm gonna add another one.  The 1,000,001th reason I love London is because there's always something going on in regards to the entertainment industry and celebrities.  So many of them live in London, or visit frequently, and so many movies and shows are filmed here, that it's super easy to discover little events or big movie premieres the you can go to.

Anyone who has met me {either in person, or via internet!} knows I am obsessed with Alan Rickman.  Favorite actor, hands down.  So when my friend told me that he, Colin Firth, and Cameron Diaz were going to be at a nearby Apple store promoting their new move, Gambit, I was all set and ready to go!  It didn't disappoint.  There was a huge queue, and we ended up having to stand, but we got in the front part of the standing crowd, so there wasn't much obstruction.  The only thing I regret is not bringing my extra zoom lens - I could have gotten some epic close ups!  I did catch Colin Firth looking right at me though {check out that fourth photo.}

The movie looks pretty funny, so I'll probably be going to see it, if not only because it stars Alan Rickman and Colin Firth.

Note:  You might find it funny to know that while I was cropping these photos down, I was saying things like "Yeah, you look at me Colin Firth, you sexy beast, you." and "Aw yeah, work it Alan, work it for the camera, yep that's the way..." etc.
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