14 October 2012

a bit of british countryside (sans foxes and hounds)

Holy batman, guys, it's been five days since I last updated!
Bad blogger.

Anways, I really don't have any excuse, except that this week was pretty mellow.
Until now, because yesterday, my friend Jason and I went to visit some of British friends of ours outside the city in Aylesbury.  It was so refreshing to be out in the countryside and have a little taste of life out there!  We walked up Coombe Hill and saw some gorgeous views {I mean, would you look at those skies?!}, drove into Brill and went to a pub with some of the best food I've had yet in England, went to a bar back in Aylesbury, then took the last train back into London that night.

On Thursday I'm leaving for Norway with some friends to go visit my family, and I'm so excited to see everyone and get some fabulous photos of places around Norway with my DSLR.  Last time I was there, I didn't have it yet, so I'm really pumped for this time around!  It's such a winter wonderland there.

I'll be back with some outfit posts this week before we leave.

Tally ho!

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