07 July 2012

fourth of july week: part 1 {because this is a 3-parter}

Shirt: J.Crew / Jeans: Delias / Shoes: Sperry / Belt: my grandpa's / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

They always say that it isn't truly summer {at least weather-wise} until the Fourth of July, especially in the rainy state of Washington.  The first couple days of the week have proven the obscure and unspecified "they" correct.

As a result, this is my "why is it raining?" slash "how dare it rain on my vaction!" face.

My best look, I know.

Fortunately, as I wrote this, it got progressively sunnier, and almost warm, except for the blasted wind.

I tell you, if the rain and clouds hadn't gone by Wednesday... insert empty threat here, as I can't actually do anything about the weather {if only!}.

One could only hope that the inconspicuous "they" would be right again and that the 4th onward would be the summer we want and deserve.

{Hint and sneak peak of parts 2 and three: it has been!}

P.S.  I meant to post this earlier this week... like Tuesday.... but the dang internet connection was a fail of epic proportions.  LAME.
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