01 June 2012

some awkward, some awesome, and some somewhere in between

Top: ZARA / Jeans: H&M / Bag: Nordstrom (Steve Madden) / Necklace: Nordstrom BP / Watch: Windsor

 First of all, can I just say how awkward the lens cap for my camera looks in my pocket?

My sister thought it was a condom.  That's how awkward.

Right now, my life is consisting of completely redoing my bedroom.  Not only do I have to finish unpacking and putting away all my things from Boston, but I painted, rearranged, and reorganized my bedroom from ceiling to floor.  I'll be posting more about that this weekend.

One more thing I feel the need to share is that my best and oldest friend is going to Roger Williams Law School in Rhode Island!  So cheers to you, Rach!  I'm so proud of you, and so excited that you'll only be an hour or so away from me in the spring.  Living so far away from you these past couple years has been hard, so I can't wait to take New England by storm with you!
Love you!
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