17 May 2012

summer checklist

Cardigan: Nordstrom BP / Shorts: H&M / Belt: Nordstrom / Watch: Windsor / Sunglasses: UO / Pearls: Vintage

This summer might be my last summer in Seattle.  So, my goal for the summer is to live and experience it as such.  I came up with a summer bucket list, really more of a checklist, of things I want to accomplish by the time I leave for London.  Some I've done before, and some I never have. Some I want to do more than once, even routinely multiple times a week.

Summer Checklist 

1.  Fourth of July in Roche Harbor - planned
2.  Multiple trips to the boat, making sure to do the following:
               - go sailing
               - go crabbing each time (if season is open)
               - bring friends at least once
               - picnic on Green Machine
3.  Walks/runs on Alki {sometimes with dog, sometimes with camera} - 3 times/week
4.  Picnic in park/on beach.
5.  Bonfire
6.  Some form of road trip, however big or small {Yellowstone, WA/OR coast, Mazama, Grand Canyon, etc.}
7.  Drive around aimlessly somewhere new - explore.
8.  Eat at Spud.  A lot.
9.  At least one music festival - Bumbershoot or at the Gorge (preferred, since I've never been).
10. "Formal" night out.
11.  Cactus happy hour {with Vita!}.
12.  Horseback riding {with Vita!}.
12.  A theme park?
13.  Birch Bay {and water slides}!
14.  See Rachel.  A lot.
15.  Pool party!  AKA go swimming.  Friends just make it more awesome.
16.  Jump off the high dive at Arbor Heights.
17.  BBQ
18.  Try to cook things.  Pinterest, anyone?
19.  Drive in movie!!
20.  Watch a sunrise.
21.  Happy hour with the peeps at Admiral Starbucks.
22.  Go to a farmer's market/street fair.
23.  Go to Pike Place Market.

I'm going to cross things off as I complete them, and maybe add more as I think of them.
 But, by the end of the summer, every single thing should have a line through it.

Challenge accepted.
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