06 April 2012

awkward and awesome friday

  • Seeing one of my past professors at work, and not being sure if they recognized me or not.  Worst case scenario: "Hi, I was in your class last semester." "Oh, sorry I don't remember you." "....."  Awkward face.
  • Making eye contact with other people at the gym.  I usually just look straight ahead at an unspecified point, but since there's a giant wall of mirrors right in front of the treadmills, there's a lot of looking down before other people think I'm staring at them.
  • Also on the subject of the gym, people looking over at the stats on my treadmill like they're comparing speeds, times, etc.  Or just watching you work out at all.  Mind your own business, people!
  • Trying to use up all the rest of my meal plan balance because according to the very frequent emails, I have a "high remaining balance that will not carry over to next year."  There's only so much I can eat!  Anyone want lunch? Dinner? Breakfast? A five course meal?
  • The amount of writing I have to do before the end of school.  No, wait, that's just awful.

  • Those chocolates you see up there - brought by my family when they came to visit.  Be assured that they're all gone now!  Fran's Chocolates are the best, for the record.
  • I got into the study abroad program!  Next fall it'll be London, baby!
  • Neon jeans.  Yep, I bought a pair and I looooove them!
  • Thank all the gods anyone has ever believed in for the salads from the 73 Cafe.  Delicious, generously portioned, and slightly on the pricey side {see awkward #4}.
  • Three weeks left of school before finals and SUMMERTIME.  I tell you, it's the light at the end of the tunnel {aka this month}.
  • I'm going to Florida in early May to go to Harry Potter World with my mom.  Harry Potter World!  Plus, it'll be warm.  At this point, I'm looking forward to the hot Florida weather, which is slightly alarming in my opinion.  Normally, think me=Wicked Witch of the West and Florida weather=water.
Happy Easter weekend!
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