06 March 2012

seven reasons why Pinterest is awesome-sauce

  1. Style inspiration - there are so many great photos of pieces or whole outfits that people pin, which has helped me to see new ways to wear things I already own.
  2. An abundance of DIY ideas {and links to the instructions} for literally anything and everything.  I'm dying to try some of these out!
  3. Food!  So many great recipes and ideas for meals, desserts, snacks, appetizers/hors d'oeuvres, etc.  Om nom nom nom...
  4. Interior design - so many ideas for decorating the home, and inspiration for color schemes, more DIY, using unique pieces in unique ways, and personalizing where you live to express you!
  5. Puppies, kitties, ponies, oh my!  SO many adorable animals {and other things} to just stare at for as long as you want and bask in their cuteness.  If you're feeling down and can't get to a real puppy or whatnot, this is the next best thing.  Trust me.
  6. Hair and beauty ideas.  The hair thing has been my savior - I kid you not.  Everyone has a bad hair day, and I've discovered so many easy, quick, and awesome new do's.  {Thanks Pinterest!}
  7. A place to profess your inner nerd.  Notice the overwhelming presence of Harry Potter-related pins.
If you haven't joined yet, do it!  It's free!

P.S.  It used to be invite-only.  If that's still the case, hakuna matata {no worries} - enough people use it that I'm positive you know someone who can send you the invite.  Just ask on Facebook!
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