06 January 2012

awkward and awesome friday!

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook, here is a weekly post called Awkward and Awesome!

  • Realizing midway through peeing that your friend's cat is in the bathroom with you, only to have it stare at you then rub itself against your legs.
  • Kind of wanting a pair of cute maternity jeans (even though I'm definitely not prego) just because they look soooo comfy.
  • Eating a banana in a public place and a nearby group of teenagers sniggering about it.  Grow up, people!
  • Taking too big a bite of said banana.
  • Wondering why the DVD player won't work, only to realize about two minutes later that nothing is turned on.
  • Middle-aged man at the self-checkout line staring at you as you approach, not realizing there are two open registers, and continuing to stare as you go about your checkout business.  I'm pretty sure he followed me out too, so that's more than awkward. It's creepy. 
  • A random drop of water suddenly appearing on your skin in a completely dry environment.  Literally feeling the plop of that drop on your skin, but having no idea where it could have come from.  Seriously?
  • Realizing your fly is unzipped.  I know, it's not very original, but that doesn't make it any less awkward.
  • Being completely unable to put on lipstick inside your lip line while the lady at the MAC counter watches you.  I really can do it, I swear!

  • I'm leaving for New York City on Sunday night with one of my best friends!  It'll be the first time I've ever been, and I can't wait to be in a city with such fabulous culture, fashion, and theatre!
  • Hearing the absolutely pouring rain on the roof.  I missed that about Seattle.
  • Hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow!  My bangs need trimming and shaping sooo badly, they're hardly even bangs anymore.
  • Seeing one of my best friends this week who I haven't seen since before I left for Boston this summer.  We tried to get together during thanksgiving break, and earlier this holiday break, but apparently the universe hates us.
  • Burping.  Okay... I know this is probably better suited for awkward for most people, but you have to understand that I never burp!  Whether I want to or not, I just can't do it, and it's the best thing ever when it just randomly happens.  I literally have so much respect for people who can burg on command.
  • Visiting my grandparents' house in Bellingham, WA - it's one of the nicest and coziest homes I've seen, and I love coming here!  Post on this to come this weekend.
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