01 January 2012

a resolution

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New Years Resolutions 2012

1.  Start a blog {can anyone say first post?}.
2.  Maintain said blog.
3.  Get fitter - let's make use of that handy gym just downstairs, eh?
4.  Make a greater effort to stay in touch with all those friends and family members I rarely see these days.  Living across the country is no excuse not to skype, call, text, etc.
5.  Become a better stage manager.  One is never the best at what they do - you can always work to perfect your skills.
6.  Make the most of every minute.  This year, I'm going to try to live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment, because this past year there have been times that I've taken things for granted.  I want that to change.
7.  Stemming from #6, I want to capture more of my life in photos.  My camera is going to become my best friend.
8.  Travel!  I have the opportunity to study abroad studying theatre in London in the fall, and in addition to making that happen, I want to use that as a further opportunity to see several places in Europe.  I'm thinking France, Ireland, and maybe visiting my relatives in Norway again.  The possibilities are endless!

This is going to be fun!  I'm so excited to put organize my life and make posts about it so that, at the very least, I can look back on this as a time capsule.  Hello, future self!  How you doin'?

Here we go!
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