16 March 2012

new york part 2: awkward and awesome

Part two of my spring break trip to NYC consists mainly of the views from the top of the Empire State Building, of which, believe me, pictures cannot do justice.  Also just a few from walking around the streets of New York.  And by the way, most of these awkward and {mostly} awesome tidbits are NYC-themed.


  • Trying to spell "dontcha" {"dontchya"?}.  You know, the made up word that's a conjunction of don't and you.
  • Realizing your about to go the wrong way, and turning around to a whole crowd behind you about to run you over.  Also, making a weird squeaking sound when this happens.
  • Walking down the street, then realizing you're walking the wrong way, so you either cross the street and head back the way you came in order to avoid the awkward/embarrassing 180-degree turn, or look at your phone and fake that something urgent has come up and you must do a sudden stop and turn in the other direction.  Either way works, and either way, you're still awkward.
  • A bird pooping on you.  No, wait, that's just gross.
  • Getting sick on spring break.  In NYC.  Lemme tell you something'... it sucks.
  • Free nutella snack packs from Boloco!  And the guys who gave them to us.
  • The Central Park Zoo.  Actually zoos in general are pretty awesome, especially if they have giraffes {the epitome of an awkward and awesome animal}.
  • Mint lemonades from Le Pain Quotidien are the most delicious and refreshing drink ever.  And super good when you're sick.  If only they had them in Boston...
  • Going to see Seminar again {long story in which neither Book of Mormon nor Phantom of the Opera had student tickets} and getting to meet Alan Rickman a second time!!!  I can die happy.
  • Jersey bagels are pretty scrumptious.  Just sayin'.
  • Super warm NYC weather!  I'm talking no jackets required, not super windy, sunny, almost 70 weather.  The season for shorts, sandals, and skirts/dresses without tights is upon us!
  • The first cherry blossoms of the year {pictured above}.  Aren't they a lovely sight?
Happy Friday!
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