31 January 2012

woes of a tall girl

I'm tall.  5'11" to be exact, and I have long legs, which is a blessing and a curse.

A curse? you say.

Yep.  A curse.  Why?  Because it's extremely difficult to find jeans, leggings, pants, etc. with a long enough inseam.  My inseam measures 36" {normal "long" jeans are 34" so even they are ankle-length on me}.  You see my problem, right?  I've found a couple online places that have extra long jeans, but unfortunately, if I'm looking for any kind of non-basic bottom, it becomes near impossible to find it in my length.

Case in point:  I've been looking for a pair of liquid leggings, or leather-esque leggings, for a while, and I've found some I really like, but the inseam is 30".  That's an awkward bit longer than mid-calf.

Any suggestions for places that have extra long jeans/leggings/pants?  {Hint, hint!  I really would like a pair of red skinny jeans/jeggings...}
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