19 June 2014


There are quite a few books I've been wanting to add to my "To Read" list lately, so I thought I might list them here in case they sparked an interest for anyone. It's been a while since I've been reading on a regular basis since I've just been so all over the place - I've hardly had a moment to sit and read, let alone eat or sleep, over the past few months. But now my schedule is resembling a somewhat normal pace and I fully intend to fill some of my leisure hours by spending some quality time with a good book.

16 June 2014


First of all, it has taken me AGES to get this post put together because 1) to me, "moments" are specific points in time which eliminates putting down a trip as a whole, 2) it's really difficult to narrow everything down to ten specific moments, and 3) forget about putting those in any sort of order.  But I've finally done it.  Amanda over at Rhyme & Ribbons did a post on her top ten travel moments and it got me thinking of what mine are.  SO after many days of thinking this over and facebook-stalking myself for pictures, here are my top ten travel moments.
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