30 September 2013


Confession:  I've never seen the movie.  I know, I know...  But there are a few of these American-style restaurants around London and one not too far from where I live, so last Sunday (yes, I'm ages behind, I'll get to that later), I went with three friends to get some good ol' 'Murican breakfast. 

17 September 2013


I'll be honest - I really can't be bothered to recount in proper writing my day spent in Hampstead in North London, so please accept bullet points of the main... well, points.  (I know, I'm horrible for being lazy, but really I'm afraid it'll turn into a ramble fest and make no sense because most of my brain is elsewhere at the moment.  If you see it, give it a scold and a push back my way, would you? Cheers.)

08 September 2013


(pun is so intended)

I have been in NFL withdrawal for way too long after our unnecessarily long off season (I mean, we should have beat the Falcons in that last game last season, but some idiot... no, I'm not going to be bitter).  Today was the first official game of the season, and against the Carolina Panthers.  After winning all our preseason games by considerable amounts, this game was a bit rough to watch, but a win is a win, and we'll take it.

I found a website to stream the game live online here in London so I could watch, because the play by plays are just not enough for this girl.  In fact, I really had to shower during the 2nd quarter and couldn't bring myself to stop watching, so I watched the game on my computer through the glass door of the shower.  Kept having to wipe the glass so I could see through, and I really only did shower things during the commercial breaks (it was a long shower), but if you ask me, that's dedication.

12th Man, loud and proud right here!


03 September 2013


On Monday last, since it was a bank holiday, my friend Jessie and I took a day trip out to Windsor and Eton - the second exciting thing I did last weekend which I meant to post about much earlier than this but oh well I'm going to stop trying to keep a semblance of a timely manner because let's face it I still have photos from June when my sister visited which I'll get to one day probably next year and.... what was I saying?  Windsor.  Right. 

02 September 2013


I just got back to jolly old England today from four days in Florida.  Long story, but basically I did a lot of awesome stuff last weekend that I was all ready and excited to share this week when on Tuesday I had to book a last minute trip to Florida.  Less than 24 hours later I was on a plane, and I only just got back this afternoon.  And unfortunately the internet at my mom's house in Florida sucks (read: it's nonexistent), so here I am with one of two awesome things I did last weekend pre-jetsetting.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (msmelaniemarie), you will already know that I spent all of Saturday the 24th in Barnet watching all three Henry VI plays put on by the Globe's touring company.  You will also know that it rained.  All.. day.. long.  Thank goodness for ponchos because I had my Hunter wellies on (lifesavers and possibly one of the best investments I've ever made) and a nice rain jacket I borrowed, but in the rain watching three full length plays from about noon to near 11pm, even they wouldn't have sufficed by themselves.  I was fortunate enough to snag a poncho (one of those clear ridiculous things that my toddler cousin apparently said made me look like an astronaut) and it saved me because I could just cross my legs under it like a nice little person tent and all the rain just sloughed right off.  Brilliant.  I still won't ever be seen wearing a poncho like that around in public if it rains because please, I'm from Seattle and also it looks really ridiculous.  But I will use it for any other future outdoor shows in the rain.  Or festivals.  Brilliant for festivals.

I digress a bit.  The focus obviously is the Henry VI plays - parts 1, 2, and 3.  They were bloody brilliant.  And I do mean bloody.  There was quite a bit of stage gore - beheadings, stabbings, etc.  But brilliant as well because not only did the company do a fabulous job of performing through wind, rain, and a power outage after dark, but they did it with such enthusiasm and talent.  The performances were all live-streamed online as well.  I don't know if a copy exists, but hey, go take a look around because all I can say is that the shows had to have been excellent for nearly 200 people of all ages (teens to grannies, no joke) to stay through the entire thing from start to finish.  In the rain.  On a Saturday.  When they could have been watching live-stream from indoors.  If you ask me, the standard has been set.
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