29 April 2013


Finals week.  The final finals week for me, ladies and gents.  Three exams and a final paper ahead of me.  And no, before you say that's not that much, I'll tell you that I already had five papers and a presentation that I finished last week.  So, ha!

I'm actually glad it's Monday, though.  Stop the presses, did I just say that?  Yes.  I am glad it is Monday.  In fact, I'll go ahead and say that I was really looking forward to today.  Mainly because the week has now started so no more waiting with baited breath, we're getting closer to the end, and all that's left is to run ahead full speed and power through.  Also because I'm waiting on a very exciting email, and it wasn't going to come over the weekend.  Office hours, you know.  More on that later.

Nothing left in it now but to take a deep breath and take the plunge, and hopefully, I'll come out alive at the end of it.

28 April 2013


Each year, the Techies' Union (a group I belong to which techs shows and such for other groups within the university), has an end of the year "fun day", which usually is a city wide scavenger hunt and dinner.  This year, however, we didn't have a big enough group available on Friday to do the scavenger hunt, so we did lunch and then a movie and games instead.

It was a lot of fun - the perfect way to end the year, especially since our lunch was SO GOOD.  I had this burger... oh man, this burger.  Pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, green chile salsa, onions, avocado, and a big juicy patty on a delicious roll - mouthwatering, finger licking goooooood.

But I digress.

With our Friday fun day ended my last week of college.  No more class, no more school events/activities/extracurriculars, no more homework.  Just the week of exams ahead, and some studying to do.  So that's what I'm off to do now, and probably what I should have been doing instead of writing this, but ho hum pigs bum, ya know?  After Thursday, it'll all be over.  And I don't think that'll truly hit me until I don't go back to school next fall.  Weird thought.

24 April 2013


Top: Topshop for Nordstrom / Jeans: Delias / Booties: Shoedazzle / Belt: Target
This is my last week of actual college classes.  In fact, I only have one more actual class tomorrow morning, and that's all.  Then next week is finals, and BAM.  I'm done.  Done, done.  Forever.  (Besides maybe grad school, but that's not for a while, and it's not the same.)   I wanna say it's been a weird week, but really, it hasn't felt much different.  Maybe this realization just hasn't kicked in yet?  Or maybe, I'm just so ready to graduate that it's not going to be weird until next year when I don't go back to school.  Yeah, that's probably what will happen.

Last night was the Senior Banquet for the theatre department, which was nice, and a little awkward.  Kind of like that thing at high school graduation where they show pictures of you when you were little and then pictures of you now.  Yeah.  Nice intentions and a good time, but awkward when it's for you.  I dunno, is that just me?  Anyway.

College is almost over.... wow.

By the way, I wanted to do a post on Pericles now that we've had tech and actually started performing for audiences, but since it's a professional production, there's all sorts of copyright stuff and I'm not allowed to take pictures of our show.  :/

22 April 2013


... a ghost city...
I don't even know where to start with this.  This week has been the most... well, I don't know.  I want to say surreal, but that doesn't feel right.  It's just been weird, I guess.  The Boston Marathon was last Monday.  If you haven't experienced Marathon Monday in Boston, then there's no way to explain it besides categorizing into three groups - runners, supporters, and drunks.  Sometimes the last two are one in the same.  A marathon of a different kind, if you will.  But then there were bombings.  There was shock, then grief, then anger.  Then people started to go back about their business by the end of the week, when then there were shootings, a day-long manhunt, and a city-wide lock down.  We all stayed cooped up in our houses/apartments/dorms/offices and waited, until finally, the lock down was lifted, and a 19-year old kid was taken into custody.

While Boston breathed a collective sigh of relief, and flooded the streets to celebrate, clapping cops on their backs, raising their glasses to them, and chanting "Boston Strong" and "U-S-A" in turns, I thought of what an incredibly awful day it had been.  Not only for the people killed/injured and their loved ones or the people who had been stuck who knows where during the lock down, but also for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a 19 year old boy, who had just had the worst day of his life.

Bombings aside, possible guilt of terrorism aside, here was a kid who had in just one day seen his brother killed in front of him, been accused of terrorism, hunted (the term "hunt" hardly covers the extremity of this search) by all of the Boston Police Dept., injured, and then finally found and taken into custody, all on top of deprivation of basic human things like sleep, food, drink, etc.  I know what it feels like to be exhausted after having not slept in two days, but on top of that, this kid hadn't eaten, had a bathroom, had water to drink, and then everything else.  Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if for that one moment he was glad to be found, just for the bed and other basic amenities the hospital offered.  I have no doubt that even if he is one day given a death sentence for the crimes he has been accused of committing, that day cannot be worse than the day he had on Friday.  The emotional toll of being given a death sentence is, I'm sure, awful, but on Friday he endured both emotional and physical damage, and I can't even imagine going through all that.  And at 19?  He's only a kid.  For these reasons, my heart goes out to him a little.

Disagree with me.  Tell me he deserves every bit of it.  Fine.  But he's still human.  And just the thought of imagining myself having to go through the day he did makes me incredibly sad.  I can't even fathom how awful the day was for him, while we all bitched about being locked indoors with food, and bathrooms, and beds, and television, and all the comforts of home.  Perspective.  It's a big old slap in the face, huh?  Be grateful for what you have, and feel a little bad for this kid who just went through hell, only to lose everything at the end of it.  Mourn for those who were lost, but also mourn for this boy who lost in another way.

18 April 2013


Every so often, more and more frequently these days, it'll cross my mind how good life is and how lucky I am, and I won't be able to stop myself smiling like I've just won the lottery. And honestly, it's because I feel like I have. Life is good, and I'm an incredibly lucky girl.

And I couldn't be more grateful.

Also, life is busy.  Please little blog of mine, bear with me as I try to find the time and material to put on here.  I have a lot to say, but not so many photos to say it with, and I can't just be wordy... visuals, guys!

11 April 2013


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or pretty much any social media outlet ever, you'll already know that what I'm talking about is Avenue Q winning Suffolk University's SGA Award for Outstanding Campus Sponsored Program of the Year!!  Last night, I got all dressed up and attended a dinner and award ceremony representing Avenue Q along with some of the Performing Arts Office administrators and some of our cast from the show.  They announced us the winner, we went up onstage to accept the pretty engraved glass award, and made our brief little speech, then continued to display ridiculously huge smiles and exchange massive hugs for the rest of the night!

I can't say it enough - I am SO PROUD of this show and everyone involved!  It was definitely a different and new experience for all of us in one way or another, and everyone handled it like a rockstar, so this award is well deserved, if you ask me.  So honored to have been a part of this incredible production, and much love to the PAO and all my cast and crew!

07 April 2013


One.  A store meeting at Starbucks for which I got paid but did not have to be in dress code, could eat and drink (free coffee!) while on the clock, and didn't have to work the customer service side of the job.  A welcome change in routine, because let's face it, sometimes a break in routine in nice (and fun?).  Also, my coworker in the typical tourist poses of holding the giant steaming kettle outside our store.

Two.  Pericles rehearsal.  But not any rehearsal, oh no.  An open rehearsal with baked goods and coffee (more free coffee!), followed by a full run of the show with all the designers present, and in which I was in my official backstage position for the first time.

Three.  The Donkey Show at Oberon.  Basically a nightclub comprised of theatre (Midsummer Nights Dream being performed in the club all around you), dancing, full bar, half naked go-go dancing men, and friends.  Also, completely paid for by the Techies Union - a club I belong to.

Excellent Saturday!

03 April 2013


Coat: Delias / Jacket: Nordstrom Rack / Dress: Ooh La Loft / Booties: Shoedazzle / Scarf: Camden market (London)

You know when you're waiting on an email, or text even, and can't really plan things past a certain point until you get it?  Well, that's been my life for the past two weeks.  I have a potential internship for the summer and am waiting on the email to tell me for sure if I got it, and when I would start.  Could be it's as early as the end of May, which means I can't plan anything past graduation until I know, and because this internship opportunity is AWESOME (I mean really really amazing - you have no idea, and no I'm not going to say what it is because I don't want to jinx it), I'm really anxious/excited to hear back.

So the next six weeks are going to be jam packed with work, class, my current internship, finals, and prepping for graduation.  After May 19, as of right now, I have no idea.  I don't even know what city, or country even, I'll be in.  It's an open abyss of possibilities, which is both exciting and scary as hell.  So here's hoping I get my email, and take on the opportunity of a lifetime.  Fingers crossed please!

P.S.  Did you all hear there's going to be a Finding Nemo sequel??  Finding Dory!!  With Ellen as Dory, of course.  SO excited!

01 April 2013


Dress: Primark / Flats: Nordstrom / Belt: H&M / Dog: photobomber

   Oh, and I'm going to get boob and bum implants to help keep warm.

If you took any of that seriously, I'll remind you to look at a calendar and take notice that it's April Fool's.  Then I'll ask you if you want to re-evaluate any other news you may have received today.  Obviously, I'm not going to study eskimos and practice magic with penguins.  And I'm definitely not getting a boob job.  I mean, really now...

I'm currently sitting on my sofa with every intention of going down to the gym sometime soon.  That's false.  Totally April fools as well.  I went yesterday and used the elliptical for a whole hour and now I can't lift my legs.  I literally have to use my hands to pick my leg up and cross it over the other.  When I got off the elliptical yesterday, I FELL.  Yes.  I fell off the elliptical.  So, to make myself feel better I'm eating the bum of my chocolate Easter bunny.

In other news, these are still Florida pictures I have left over.  It's not quite warm enough for dresses here yet, but it's getting there!  All our complaining must have paid off because the sun is finally making an effort.  Or maybe it's also just happy it's April.  I feel like I talk about the weather a lot.  How mundane.  I swear my life is more interesting than weather.
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