28 January 2013

holy schmoley, an outfit post! what the what?!

Coat: thrifted / Sweater: Nordstrom / Leggings: Windsor / Booties: Shoedazzle / Scarf: gift / Necklace: Nordstrom

I've been so horrid at posting lately.  This semester is only two weeks in and it's already kicking my ass big time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly happy to be stage managing both shows, and, drumroll please, I'll be interning as Assisstant Stage Manager for a professional production later this spring!  I'm excited!

Also, more drumrolling, I'll be starting the visa application to go and live abroad again this week!  I'm hoping to go back on a working visa, and ohmygoodness this process is already stressing me out.  If anyone has knowledge of or experience with applying for a working visa, I'd love the insight!  You can comment, or email me (contact tab) - I'd greatly appreciate it!

24 January 2013

I have a kitchen now, so naturally the first thing I make in it is grilled cheese.

But not just any old grilled cheese.  A gourmet grilled cheese straight from the delicious food stylings of Mara from M Loves M.  I saw her recipe for this Gruyere Grilled Cheese with Sauteed Shallots and knew that after an extended period of time in the UK where grilled cheese is not quite the highly regarded staple that it is in America, I had to try this out.  So I did, and guess what?


Photo from M Loves M

21 January 2013

I've found neverland

You guys.  I am stage managing two shows simultaneously right now.  It's crazy, hectic, insane, and wonderful all at once.  Yesterday, we had a puppet workshop for one of the shows, Avenue Q.  If you aren't familiar with the musical, it employs the use of puppets, which all the actors have to learn to use.  It was good fun watching everyone working with their respective puppets and having a good time playing around.

I have this theory that the theatre is Neverland - people in theatre never really grow up.  If a bunch of adults reverting to childhood and having a blast playing with puppets doesn't prove this theory, I don't know what will.  I've even included a video.

17 January 2013

snow day

Today was one of those mornings where you just have a really hard time getting out of bed.  Hitting snooze repeatedly for a solid hour and change after I had originally set it, trying to make myself wake up more by playing on my phone, but my eyelids kept drooping.  Until I checked the weather.  37 and snowing??  You bet I bolted out of bed so fast that my legs hardly had time to catch up with me.  I ran, or quickly stumbled, to the window, and lo and behold there was snow.  People shoveling it, trucks salting the roads, etc.

So here we learn a valuable lesson - snow is a more efficient motivator for getting out of bed than an alarm clock.

15 January 2013

back in Boston and busy busy busy

I am a horrible blogger, I know.  Six days, and nothing!  With no warning!  Bad blogger, bad.  But alas, I do have an excuse.  This weekend, I arrived back in Boston and moved into my new living space, and this week, started school back up.  It's been insanely and wonderfully action-packed.  I feel like I've dived straight into the deep end of the pool - starting classes, rehearsals, and all that jazz.  I haven't even started work at Starbucks yet, so I can only imagine how full the days will be once I start that next week!

These are some pictures of my on campus apartment I share with two roommates - not quite done organizing my things, and there are still some things I need to go pick up, like hand towels, wall tack to hang my pictures, etc.  But at least I've settled in enough to have my life on track!  Now excuse me as I go work on more paperwork before rehearsal.

09 January 2013

new kicks

Coat: Delias / Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Delias / Boots: Vince Camuto / Ring: H&M

Wanna know a secret?  This sweater is actually a sweater dress.  But I fooled everyone!  Muahaha.  Anyways, the really exciting part of this outfit would be my new booties!  I've been lusting after them for a while, and even though I've resolved myself to little or no shopping for the next forever (not really, but it seems like it) , I had gift cards from Christmas.  Gift cards don't count as shopping, right?

I suppose some other news no clothing related would be that I'm heading back to Boston on Saturday.  I'm actually really excited, because I'm so ready to be back in school, and busy with classes, working, and doing theatre.  My days are gonna be long and tiring, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Also, I'll be in a three person apartment with two other girls, and we all have our own rooms, and share a little kitchen, sitting area, and a private bathroom.  Guys.  I get my own room!  First time I'll have a room all to myself outside of living at home.  I cannot wait.

BTW, this stripey sweater today is for Marion's Trend of the Month - first one to kick off the new year.  Check out everyone else's stripes over on her blog!

07 January 2013

british accents

Before leaving London, I knew I would want something decorative to keep as a souvenir in my bedroom that would remind me of London and make me feel a little more "at home" in that sense.  Kind of the reverse of when you take things from home to school, I wanted something from school for at home, whether that be Seattle, Boston, or wherever else.  So when I did my Christmas shopping, I found this London frame of the union jack pattern and little snippets of iconic London landmarks and things for only a couple pounds.

I also really wanted a union jack decorative pillow, because I'd seen one on a chair at Regents, and immediately Googled for one similar.  Onto my Christmas wishlist it went, and my dad went right for it.  So now I have this beautiful and quite comfortable pillow at the head of my bed.

The last thing, a "Keep Calm and Carry On" wall hanging plaque, was a surprise Christmas gift from my sister, and is rested on the shutter handles of my smaller bedroom window.

All these little decorative accents remind me of London, and while they fuel my desire to go back, they also keep me placated in the meantime.  I'll definitely be taking them to Boston with me for some dorm decor!

06 January 2013

my sister is 20 and I feel old

Before you say anything, I know that I'm really not that old, but when your little sister is no longer a teenager, and officially into her twenties, you sure feel ancient.  So pass the champagne because I need to drown that depressing thought in alcohol, but to hell if I'm not doing it in class.  :p

We celebrated her birthday by going out to dinner in Seattle's most delicious steakhouse (and in our opinion, the best steaks you'll ever have are here), JaK's Grill.  There was gift giving, photo taking, wine drinking, and a lot of eating.  I don't think I've ever gotten dessert at this place before, that's how full we are after the steaks - quite the accomplishment!

Happy birthday to my favorite sister!!

04 January 2013

sneaky hobbitses

 Top: Topshop for Nordstrom / Jeans: Delias / Boots: Macy's / Scarf: Camden market / Belt: thrifted / Ring: H&M

Hey guys!  Guess what!  I'm finally seeing The Hobbit tonight!

I'm a major Tolkien nerd.  I don't pretend to say that I go so far as some people, but I have read every one of his books (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion) at least once, and seen every LotR movie countless times.  They are my go-to sick day movies.  I own a collection of the maps of Middle Earth, nice copies of the books, extended-edition DVDs of the films, etc.  I even taught myself how to write in Tengwar (the name for the written Elvish language).  So, you see?  Nerd.

All of that, and I still haven't seen the frickin' Hobbit!

It will be remedied tonight, I can tell you that.
I'll probably be here raving about it tomorrow.

03 January 2013

sunny Seattle.. whaaaat?

Up until tonight, 2013 in Seattle has been, wait for it..... sunny?  Yes, folks, you read that correctly.  Seattle.  Sunny.  In January.  Now don't get me wrong, it's still been frickin' freezing, but the sun actually made an appearance.  I even had to wear sunglasses!  Until tonight, that is.  Now it's back to the familiar rain.

While the sun was here, however, my friend and I took her dog down to the park and walked along the beach, playing on the driftwood and walking through the sand, enjoying some gorgeous views and puppy shenanigans. It really was fun, despite the cold.  Because, hey.  Any day in Seattle with some sun is a "nice day", no matter what else shows up.

01 January 2013

i need more sparkly things in my life

Coat: Piperlime / Jeans: Delias / Booties: Shoedazzle / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

When I think of New Year celebrations, one word comes to mind - sparkle.  So when picking out what I was gonna wear, I looked at all the stuff I owned and was dismayed to find that only have one sparkly shirt.  One!  Unacceptable.  So the lesson here is that I need to own more bedazzled things covered in sequins, because what girl doesn't like some sparkle in her life?  This girl right here needs some sparkle.

Too bad New Year's Eve was bloody freezing, because the one sparkly thing I own got entirely covered by my {new - isn't it pretty?} coat.
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